Rod’s Fish Tanks

Rod has four salt water aquarium tanks with living coral, fish, and a variety of interesting reef creatures. Some fish species in these tanks are tangs, lion fish, moray eel, gobies, butterfly fish, wraisse, and several species of clown fish. Some of the other ocean creatures living in the tank are sea urchins, anemonea, red reef shrimp, purple clams, starfish and rock crabs.

The water for these tanks is purified on site using reverse osmosis equipment. These tanks are equipped with both simulated sunlight bulbs and moonlight emulation. The quality of the lighting has a significant impact on the color of the corals and other reef life. Diet is another factor in the health and great color of these fish. They are fed choice diets of cut shrimp and fish. The moray eel gets live crabs sometimes. There are also small snails, starfish, and various shellfish embedded in the live rock that the fish feed on naturally.

Video of Rod’s fish